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You can find this animation (actually a better one - this one has only half the frames) in the Citrix Systems MetaFrame 1.0 product. The hard part is actually finding it. :-) And I'd never think of doing an Easter Egg....
This image is being used at the The Jewish Federation of Greater Middlesex County Web Site. A higher quality animation was created, but 188K was too big.
A variant of this animation is being used in the installation program of the Citrix Systems SecureICA 1.7 product.
This animation was originally created for the website of Health Systems Solutions They have since completely changed their site and removed the animation.
This animated logo was created for Applied Automation Techniques and can be found at their website.
This animation was created as an example of animated gifs for a friend at MicroBank. Animation can be an eye catcher, but a bandwidth waster. This animation is 140K! Of course, if only the "O" had been animated, it would be considerably smaller (60K).
Scott's friend Don Messerli of VeganPlanet wanted an animation to put next to Scott's name on his Friends page. This is the result.
Novi Productions was featured as a Riddler Bloodhound Site on 5/27/97. The image to the left is the normal graphic associated with Bloodhound. Novi Productions animated it to make it spin.

And, of course, the flashing logos at the tops of these Novi Productions pages are animations created by Novi Productions.

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