Arizona-ish landscape with 'crop circles'

This is an update to my original “Arizona” image. I thought it needed some oomph, so I figured that crop circles would look cool, even without crops. Thought it would also resemble, somewhat, the Nazca lines. The circles themselves were made with Bryce from my memory of those on the cover of the Led Zeppelin CD boxed set. Simple boolean operation once the template was made. For those who haven't seen the original image, the copy from that is below.

Bryce 3D strikes again. With this thing, the lines between reality and CGI start to blur. Or maybe that's just my eyes. Regardless, this image is entirely CGI. It took about 10 minutes to lay down the initial terrain and textures and clouds and then another 20 minutes fiddling with it to get to something I was happy with (sun angle, haze, etc.). Plus rendering time. I think it looks like Arizona...or Mars.

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