Arizona-ish landscape with 'crop circles', with a border

Yes, this looks almost exactly like my earlier Desert Circles image. So it has a border with the title and my name on it. Big deal. But this image is different in one major way: you can get it as a print, up to 20x30! Yes, through the magic of deviantART Prints, it is now available. Not like I expect anyone to buy it, but I'm very excited about this. I've already bought one at 20x30, had it framed, and have it hanging in my house. The print quality is amazing, and the prices are really low.

Of course, you need to make very high-resolution images if you want a print to look good at 20x30. I re-made this at 6000x4000 pixels. Making the 6Kx4K was surprisingly hard. The new aspect ratio had me playing with cloud heights and moving objects. The massive resolution had me fiddling with my terrains because otherwise they looked horrible. It took longer to make the big version than to make the original! Then there was the rendering time....

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