Psi Devil II racing through a nebula

This is of course a revisting of my original Psi Devil image. I was talking with my brother Scott, and he was telling me about this game Freelancer he's been playing. A space combat simulator or so I understand. Anyway, he said that he thinks there's some way to add ships from your own models. He also said each ship comes in a base model with two upgrades. He mentioned my old Psi Devil as a possibility, and that inspired me to work on the model. I turned on the headlights, added the "blades", fiddled with the cockpit and center spike textures, and added a little cockpit detail. I played around with adding more gun mounts, which the game would require, but for the deviation I feel they took away from the overall appearance. Oh, and of course upgraded the galaxies to newer, higher-quality photos. NGC 1365 is back as the lower galaxy, and the upper galaxy is known as the Tadpole Galaxy. Again, model shaped in Truespace, modified, textured and rendered in Bryce.

But of course we can't forget some tongue-in-cheek ad copy:

Cennarn Motors is pleased to announce a new for 3005 trim level for the Psi Devil: the Omega. This upscale model sports an expanded Unobtanium support superstructure that increases hull integrity, provides atmospheric lift, and adds an element of collision deterrence in congested traffic. The new, larger power plant is the most powerful in the Armed Streetcraft class. Quad Phased Particle Projectors are standard, as are 360 degree air bags and head curtains. An Armament Upgrade package is available with proof of security clearance. Lease one from your local Cennarn Motors dealer today!

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