Divination monoliths enshrouded in mist

Artist: Chrystyne Novack
Origanally the title was going to be the Ring of the Nine Maidens, until I found a title befitting this symbolic scene with only two stones: Urim and Thummim. I found this in Microsoft Encarta '98:

Urim and Thummim (Hebrew Urėm wethummėm, meaning unknown), according to the Old Testament (see Exodus 28:30; Leviticus 8:8), two objects used in divination. Perhaps precious stones and presumably different from one another in appearance, they were placed "in the breastpiece of judgment" worn by the high priest of Israel.
These two divination stones are larger of course. It is a scene of symbols, the raven is death, the monarchs are spring and renewal, the ring of mushrooms represents magic, and the sword is man's creation used for justice or evil.

The image was created using Bryce 4. The faces were created in Poser 3 and imported into Bryce. The mushrooms and the sword came from 3D Cafe. The butterflies and the raven came from elsewhere on the net. One note of interest: the texture on the stones was done by putting pitted granite material on it, then duplicating the object, enlarging it a fraction, and then putting the foliage texture on it to create the mossy rock.

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