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Okay, so I'm behind the times, considering that this game came out in '96. So sue me. My wife and I are completely addicted to this game, so it's no surprise that I made a theme for it. This theme is derivative, but I made significant contributions to it. What I did was find several Diablo themes on the web (one from Alex Wong, one from a guy who listed several names in thanks but failed to list his own, and one completely anonymous) and took the best from each. Then, for those things that I didn't like, I added my own version of a couple of icons, cursors, and sounds.

The zip file contains icons, cursors (including animated cursors), sounds, fonts, splash screens, and wallpaper. There are some alternate files here and there that I thought might also work.

Diablo is ©1996, Blizzard Entertainment.
Windows 95 and Plus! are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, Inc.

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