Diablo II Theme

Much more on the ball than I was for the original Diablo, I've managed to construct this theme only three months after the game came out. The fact that Diablo II has the built-in ability to take screen shots and the fact that there are mpq editors out on the net made making this theme much easier than making the Diablo theme. One word of warning though: this theme contains SPOILERS if you have not yet finished the game on any setting. Beware.

The zip file contains icons, cursors (including animated cursors), sounds, one splash screen, and wallpaper. There is an alternate sound file that I thought might also work. That would be the "Enjoy the Darkness" sound, and I think it also works for Exit Windows.

Diablo II is ©2000, Blizzard Entertainment.
Windows 95 and Plus! are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, Inc.

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