The fictitious characterizations below were created for Overdrive MUD.

Viri the Witch

Manyjars the Odd

The following diseased imaginings are some bands with names that we'd like to see:

Floating Exception The Living Hinge
Shedding Virus Delirious Fiction
Diseased Imaginings Strawberry Gasoline
Butterbrain Depth Wish
Hassan Chop Hanging Coffins
A Little Anxious The Family Goad
Mach O'Lantern POUG
(Pure Organic Unstoppable Growth)

And finally, some names submitted by visitors to this site.

From Amanda Brenner:

The Opposite of Broccoli That's Not A Marf
Yellow Happyshirt Pickled Wax

From Todd Pederzani:

Acid on Fire Leap the Greasy Frog
Hey That's My Lip! Rightside-up and Forward

From Ken Rosado:

I'm Sick of Fruit

If you have other Band Names you'd like to see, email Novi Productions. The best (or most unusual) names will appear here.

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