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These versions of the images use 16 million colors. Some are 640x480 or smaller, though they were originally rendered larger. Most are over 100K in size, so please be patient.

Newest Image
Psi Devil II

The images below were created with Bryce 3D from MetaCreations. Expect more. The interesting thing about this tool is that it allows more artistry and less geometry.

Desert Circles Print
Urim and Thummim
Walking on the Edge of the Millennium
Psi Devil
All Souls Night
Lair of the Fox
Desert Circles
The Sign
Vree City
Bryce Sampler

Now that Caligari has released TrueSpace 3, new images are on the way. All objects are original Novi Productions creations unless otherwise specified.

Tesla car Guardian Outta Here Desk
Sanity Pills Sunset Pendulum Clock

The following were rendered with Caligari TrueSpace 2. All objects are original Novi Productions creations.

Mages: Tower Lightning Spheres Empire Door Winframe Beta 2.5
Overdrivers Door 3 TIE Fighters CD Cover

The various objects in the following TrueSpace images came from meshes downloaded from the Web. The "black hole" is an original Novi Productions creation.

Into the Fire Klingon at Black Hole Light Cycle Novi Guitar

The following images were made with Pixar Typestry 1.1c with stock "looks". All, except the AAT and Babylon 5 logos, were made for the web pages for Overdrive MUD (as were two of the TrueSpace images at the top), though they have not yet been integrated into the site.
Overdrive Thieves Guildless Mages: Door
B5 Logo Priests Fighters old AAT logo

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