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Victory for free speech on the Net! Bab 5 renewed for season 5! Yo. Manyjars here, your friendly neighborhood Lectroid from Planet 10. That's not a picture of me at the top of this page. Perhaps when I become 314th level or something it might be me, but right now I look a lot more harmless and a lot more like I should be in a room with padded walls. Any resemblence to my sister Viri the Witch is purely coincidental. That picture is actually the first card (and supposedly the most powerful) from the Rider Tarot deck.

But perhaps you want to know how a Lectroid like me came to be a Mage on Overdrive (a very well done LPMUD for those of you who don't know). Sometimes I wonder myself.... Okay, I'll tell you, but since many of you probably don't care, I'll list some interesting links first.

Oh, for you Overdrive Players using Netscape, the first who can prove to me that you know EXACTLY where I got the star background for this page will get my next Ring of Defense. Mudmail me with the answer or talk to me on OD.

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    ==========O                                        O==========

    The Story of Manyjars

    So, I came over from Planet 10 with John Whorfin back in 1930? 1950? Something like that. I never was much good at dates. It was back when War of the Worlds was done on the radio by Orson Welles. I, like my fellow Red Lectroids, was working for Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems in Grovers Mill, NJ, when that whole fiasco with Buckaroo Banzai took place. I'd suggest renting the movie The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension if you don't know what I'm talking about.

    They cut my scenes in it, by the way.

    I should have been vaporized like my fellows, but I was busy wrestling with a vending machine that wouldn't give me my Twinkies when it was time to board the troop ship. By the time I got my Twinkies, Whorfin had already gone through the wall.

    ==========O                                        O==========
    So, there I was. Not in the Congo, but in a facility crawling with monkey boys. And me the only Red Lectroid left, too. So I did the only logical thing: I got some more Twinkies. These I used as a power source for my own personal Oscillational Subthruster®, an abandoned line of research when we tried to make the Overthruster. It was all I had. It worked perfectly, and stranded me in the 8th Dimension. Without my Twinkies even.

    Now I wasn't as bad off as you may think. Okay, so the 8th Dimension is a formless void, but, as formless voids go, it's quite nice. Certainly lots of space. I poked around a bit, but all I could find were some comic books that John Smallberries used to read. "The Tick." I read them all, and hit upon an idea.

    One of the space aliens in the comic book made some sort of dimensional gate (to Dimension 14B, which isn't really too far from the 8th Dimension), but was later enveloped in mucus. I followed his line of research and construction, improvising for materials with whatever I could find. Weird stuff mind you, but it held together. So, setting the dials for Bill Gates' inner office, I achieved crossover and blasted out of the 8th Dimension!

    ==========O                                        O==========
    I didn't get anywhere near Bill Gates. I ended up as Guest in Overdrive Cathedral. One of those mushroomoid parts I used must have had a little too much garlic. I looked around a bit and realized that here was a group of monkey boys that couldn't tell I was a Lectroid! And they had all these mysterious powers. "What I could do with these powers!" I thought evilly to myself. "I could gain power and recruit an army from here, and then transport back to Planet 10 and demand lower cable rates! MWOHAHAHAHA!!!"

    But first I had to assimilate and learn. So, after going back to my pad in the 8th Dimension and replacing that mushroomoid part with a hunk of pepperoni, I returned to Overdrive and became a Mage. The world was quite odd, with people not dying permanently, and powerful "gods" that transcended almost everyone. But when in Rome, so I began slaughtering these hapless creatures strewn about, and was surprised to find myself gaining in power!

    I had to start gaining influence, however, or else I'd never get an army. So I campaigned and managed to get on the Mage Council. Power! Then I wrote the Mage Charter and Book of Ethics. The clueless monkey boys actually started acting the way I wanted them to! More Power! More influence! Now Planet 10 is back within my grasp!

    But of course none of you can prove any of this. To you all I'm just another monkey boy Mage. Hah! So I continue to be friendly and helpful, and now you have doubt! But you can trust me. I'm just out for the common good. Really I am.

    ==========O                                        O==========
    But wait! Maybe the monkeyboys are on to me. They didn't re-elect me to the Council. If they think that will stop me, they have another thing coming. It'll just drive me underground. HA! I'll just take a few more of these Sanity Pills and everything will be just fine.

    Last update: 16 July 1997 Laugh while you can, Monkey Boy!

    If you want to contact me, you'll just have to mudmail me or say 'hi' to me on OD! We Lectroids can't be too careful about who finds out who we really are after all.

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