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This Reboot theme is almost original. By that I mean that I didn't take someone else's theme and modify it to fit my tastes. I pretty much built this one from the ground up, though one of my splash screens (the one with Dot) is a modification of a splash screen I got off the net somewhere. The sounds similarly came from the net and are pretty much untouched. I myself made all of the icons, cursors, and remaining splash screens either from scratch or else by importing and processing images from the net. A big thanks to Joe Smith and his Unoffical ReBoot Home Page.

The zip file contains icons, cursors (including animated cursors), sounds, wallpaper, a font, and splash screens. There are even some alternate files here and there that I thought might also work.

Reboot! and associated sounds and images are © Copyright Mainframe Entertainment Inc. Windows 95 and Plus! are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, Inc.

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