In January of 1988, Chord On Blues, an a cappella singing group at the University of Pennsylvania, came out with its first album: a cassette called The Blue Tape. At the end of that school year, they had their Spring Show, entitled Lather, Rinse, Repeat containing some brand new material. This performance was, fortunately, videotaped by one member's uncle.

The years passed, and the Blue Tapes began to wear out, and the video got fuzzy. Something had to be done to preserve these primordial recordings (especially since both members of Novi Productions were part of Chord On Blues at the times of both recordings). Luckily, Novi Productions gained access to a CD burner (special thanks to Joe Ross), and so selections from both recordings were preserved for posterity on the compilation disk BLUE Lather, produced in 1996.

Chord On Blues 1988

Tenor I
Mike Alcantara
Danny Marks
Bill Michalski
Scott Novack
Tenor II
Mike Loss
Mario Montoya
Kenny Shillingford
Jim Bain
Mark Giacobbe
Andy Mirsky
Ian Novack
Aaron Dai
Dan Gaylin
Gary Levin

CD Songlist
Leviís 501 Blues (1:19) - Solo: Scott
Naturally (2:20) - by Huey Lewis. Arr.: Aaron; Solo: Jim
Hello My Baby (1:45)
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (6:38) - by Crosby, Stills, and Nash. Arr.: Danny, Ian, Scott; Solos: Dan, Danny, Mike L.
Stand By Me (3:10) - Solo: Mario
And She Was (3:24) - by Talking Heads. Arr.: Stu Markus; Solo: Ian
Fireman (1:24) - Duet: Jim and Scott [not listed in original Blue Tape song list]
Coney Island Baby (1:43)
Marry a Woman Uglier Than You (3:05) - Arr.: Aaron; Solo: Aaron
Please (2:47) - by The Nylons. Arr.: Stu Markus; Solo: Scott
Taking It to the Streets (2:48) - by The Doobie Brothers. Arr.: Danny; Solo: Danny
The Longest Time (3:32) - by Billy Joel. Arr.: Aaron; Solo: Mike A.
Up the Ladder to the Roof (2:26) - by The Nylons. Arr.: Bren Ahearn; Solo: Mario
Lida Rose (2:48) - Intro.: Jim
Touch of Your Hand (3:33) - by The Nylons. Arr.: Aaron; Solo: Mario
Batman Skit I (3:06) - by Scott/COB. CAST (by appearance): Announcer - Scott; Commissioner - Bill; Chief OíHaras - Andy; Batman - Jim; Robin - Mike L.; Batphone - Gary; Batcave - COB
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2:47) - by Queen. Arr.: Mark; Solo: Mark
Good Vibrations (3:43) - by The Beach Boys
Let Go (Why Do You Stay Me?) (1:51)
Batman Skit II (4:07) - ADDITIONAL CAST (by appearance): Falling Man - Ian; Hunan Beef - Dan; Hunan Beefís Voice - Mark; Henchmen - COB
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (2:20) - Arr.: Aaron; Solos: Mike A., Jim, Mario, Mark
And She Was (4:16) - [was originally the 1st song performed in the show]
Up the Ladder to the Roof (2:30) - [1st encore]
Happy Trails (2:15) - by Roy Rogers. Arr.: Van Halen; Solo: Jim [traditional COB close]

Read the Liner Notes to Blue Lather.

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