TRON 2.0 Theme

Highly inspired by the fabulous TRON 2.0 PC game, we've managed to construct, after some heated arguments, this theme. This theme contains SPOILERS if you have not yet finished the game on any setting. Beware.

The zip file contains icons, cursors (including animated cursors), sounds, and a wallpaper in two formats. Ian and I didn't always agree on what goes where, so this is pretty much my theme, though we both worked on about half of it (OK, Ian did more [no I didn't]). All sounds and images, except the mesh, grabbed from the game itself (mesh from the TRON 2.0 web site).

What's that you say? What didn't we agree on? Well, let's see, the Recycle Bin (Archive Bin versus Byte), Precision Select (Profiler versus Triangulate), Help Icon (with or without the "eye" in the "I"), etc.

NOTE: this theme is best used on WinXP. If you are using Win2K, your mileage may vary. That is, the theme file expects things in your WINDOWS/Resources/Themes folder...which you may not have if you are Win2K or Win9x. But you can still use everything in the zip and hook it up yourself, of course.

See the Official TRON 2.0 web site at TRON 2.0 is a trademark of Buena Vista Interactive.
Windows XP is a trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, Inc.

All zip files below contain the theme file.
Text file icon
The README file.
The whole thing in one zip file.
3.33 MB (BIG!).
Just the wallpaper (bmp and png format).
Firewall Administration Hub. 1.7 MB.
circle i
Just the icons and cursors.
41 KB.
Just the sounds.
1.6 MB.

We have several alternate wallpapers, provided here in png format. Really, though, your own favorite screen shot (F8 in the game) is what works best. One of our favorites, Internet City Hub, we found too busy to use as wallpaper, but the ones below were subtle enough not to be distracting, yet still interesting. Files are 630 KB - 840 KB.
Communication Core
Progress Bar
Thorne's Perimeter Partition
Firewall Alignment 1
Firewall Alignment 2
Ma3a Quarantined

Image Gallery
The CD
Delirious Fiction
Animation Station
Theme Park
Psych Out
Skins Game

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