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What's New? (05/03/04)
What is Novi Productions?
The Good stuff
Who is Novi Productions?

What, exactly, is Novi Productions?
* A company? No.
* A studio? No.
* The people who made those specials on the Discovery Channel about Mammoths? No.
* Three people who put that moniker on freelance computer graphics images, web site design and development, programs, sounds, HTML, MIDI, games, animations, CD's, cassettes, and delirious works of very short fiction that they create themselves for personal use, for friends, or for anyone who would care to ask? You betcha.

And now YOU have Web access to it! At least some of it. Enjoy.

Oh, it's pronounced "NOH-vee", not "NOVE-eye".

Image Gallery
The CD
Delirious Fiction
Animation Station
Theme Park
Psych Out
Skins Game

Access to other areas will be forthcoming.


Novi Productions is composed of Ian and Scott Novack, brothers and identical twins who share a love of creativity, whatever form it may take at any particular time. Here's a picture of us.

And welcome Philip Gold to our team, too! Ian's wife Chrystyne Novack has branched off to her own site, Limner Sphere.

We do freelance custom web design and development if you are in the South Florida area (since it's a side business, and we like to meet customers face to face). For examples, click here.

If you have questions or comments about this site, feel free to email Novi Productions.

Look for the Novi Productions logo where cool graphics and web design can be found!
David Griffiths
Lake effect Java applet written by David Griffiths. Check his stuff out!
VeganPlanet And an extra special thanks to the old VeganPlanet site for providing space for these pages until we moved to our own domain. VeganPlanet no longer exists.
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