Psi Devil racing through a nebula

Introducing the
Psi Devil

The new Psi Devil is the latest in conveyance innovations from Cennarn Motors of Proxima 3. It's what the enterprising driver will use in the daily commute. Fine Infrared Leather seats provide the utmost in comfort and refinement. The sweeping side pikes are constructed from Sillium 2262 and are guaranteed to withstand the impact from the occasional encounter with the daily grind. There's even an available Armament Package for those congested moments on Sky-95.

Equipped with MindLink technology for when your driving environment demands actions at the speed of thought. Multiple vehicle interfaces are available on request, including Corporate Merchant, Bureau 13, and Attituner. All models come with the Screecher P11 sound system. Two cupholders. Available in Corona Crimson, Pulsar Purple, and Xanthochroic.

Shown with optional Quad Phased Particle Projector. Some restrictions apply. Consult your dealer for details. Void where prohibited. Lease terms assume an APR of 3.14159265% and an APY of 5.17% with 2000 credits down after 6/1/3000. Monthly payment is due for 2 years from lease inception. Lease not available to employees of Cennarn Corp. or executives of the Interstellar Alliance. Ranger compliant when operated in an atmosphere.

Okay okay. No such vehicle exists, but we'd certainly want one if it did. This original Novi Productions model began as an attempt to replicate the vehicle you drive in the old Atari coin-op video game S.T.U.N. Runner. However, since we were working only from memory, it wasn't turning out accurately, or so we figure. Then we decided that it should fly, not just skim the surface, so it got modified.

The Psi Devil model was constructed in Truespace and then imported to Bryce where it was textured and where the sky and such were added. The lower galaxy is M104, the Sombrero Hat Galaxy. The upper galaxy is NGC1365.

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