A girl balances precariously as the Millennium dawns

Artist: Chrystyne Novack
Walking on the Edge of the Millennium was inspired by the upcoming millennium and also from an image seen of a little girl walking precariously on the rooftop in the opening credits of the TV show "Millennium". The whole image is a blending of the past and the future; a piece of visual poetry. Instead of the sun rising over the horizon it is a spherical computer chip beaming it's circuitry "light" rays. The horizon is space because that is the next frontier for mankind to venture forth into. The colonial house is structure representing the past. The house is the foundation for which the young girl, mankind's future generation, walks on towards the future. Her walk is a precarious balancing act on the rooftop that symbolizes the unknown; with her next step will she fall or remain balanced on the roof? Lastly, the tree is bare because typically a new year begins in winter.

I worked on this image on and off for a little over a year; cumulative time was propably between 40 to 80 hours to get it right. For the tech heads, the tools used for the image was Bryce 4, Paintshop Pro for touch-up, and Poser 2. The cyclonic circle was created using a basic atmosphere material with an object space setting in Bryce (how exactly it was created is fuzzy as it has been a year since it's creation). The "sun" is Bryce material Techno basic with a lowered diffusion & ambience with a high refraction and world space setting; there is a yellow spotlight located inside the sphere. Also the "rays" are city lights material with spherical setting. Everything on the house was created using Bryce with the exception being the door and the porch lights which came from the Net. The girl was created using Poser, but Bryce materials were used to color her shirt and her skirt. Her hair was created using Bryce; organic boolean #3 for the head and her ponytails are the slotted screw imported object! Paintshop Pro was used to touch-up the skirt, create the suspenders, and a few touch-ups.

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