A Moeity Dagger cloud stabs the setting sun

The Rivenese are a superstitious people, so when The Sign appeared in the sky, they noticed and felt the touch of prophesy. What Gehn felt is unknown to this day....

This image was inspired by RIVEN, the sequel to MYST, both by Cyan. For those of you still playing the game, don't worry, there are no spoilers in the image. The image was made with a variety of tools, and all objects are original. The dagger cloud was originally modeled in Truespace. The person in the lower foreground was modeled with Poser 2. Both the dagger and the person were imported into Bryce 3D where they were textured. The dagger was actually textured as kind of an old metal/stone material, but I re-textured it as a cloud for this image. Everything else in the image was created with Bryce.

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